The Add delay by Contact’s date action will wait for the contact’s specified field before moving to the next block.

For example, you want to send a promotional email with coupons to contact’s on their birthday. You can delay the campaign based on the contact’s DOB. You can also customize whether you want to send the email after the event or before the event. It would be better to send the coupon a few days before the birthday which might be appreciated by the contact. Let see how it can be done.

You will have options like “Wait Until”, “After”, “Before”. You can choose any one of the condition and add the delay if you have chosen either “After” or “Before”. The contact will wait until the specified delay is achieved and then move on to the next block. This action will be useful in many use-cases where you want to initiate or continue a journey based on the contact’s field like EMI data, DOB, Anniversary etc.

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