Building a customer journey takes a lot of effort since customer touch points need to be identified, buyer personas should be considered and customer goals need to be set.

To summarize the above, it takes time to build an ideal customer journey.

Once a customer journey is built, Freshmarketer understands the need to duplicate the built journeys to save time. Hence, we provide you with an option to clone the journeys.

A user can clone a journey in multiple ways below.

  • From the ‘journeys’ dashboard, a clone option is provided for each journey using the ellipsis which provides a list of drop-down options.

  • Within any of the journeys, you can find an option to clone the journey on the top left of the screen, below the respective journey name.

Note: Once you click on the ‘clone’ option, Freshmarketer creates a new journey giving the name ‘copy of’ the respective journey cloned for reference.