Freshmarketer enables you to organize your list, Journeys, Journey Emails, and Bulk campaig into folders, which makes it easier for your team to find. 

Follow the steps below to create a folder to organize your lists.

Step 1: 

Once you are in the List view, you can find the Hamburger menu at the top left corner. Clicking on it will give you the options to look at the existing Folders and an option to create a folder. You can navigate to the respective folders from this menu.

Note: A list can be a part of only one Folder, so if you add a List to Folder-1 which already a part of Folder-2, it would be removed from Folder-2.

You can also create a folder and add lists to a folder from the List view dashboard.


Select the list you want to add to a folder. On selection, “Add to Folder” option will appear next to “Create List”. You can click on it to add to a particular folder or create a folder from there itself and add the list to the newly created folder. 

You can also Star folders to assign priority. It will help you and your team to recognize the important Folders.

Removing List from a Folder:

You can remove a list from a particular folder from the Folder view or from the List view itself. Once you are the Folder view or List view, Click on the kebab menu next to the list and Select “Remove from Folder” option to remove the list from the folder it is added to.

Folder view:


List view: 

Delete or Renaming a Folder:

Once you click on the Hamburger menu from the List view dashboard, you will have all the Folders created and the Starred folders. You can either delete or rename a folder by clicking on the kebab menu adjacent to the folder name and choose the required option.

Renaming a Folder: 

Deleting a Folder: