Freshmarketer allows you to create custom contact properties. By having this option you are not restricted to use the default contact properties alone.

Navigate to settings on your Freshmarketer dashboard. Click on Custom Fields under General settings. The default contact properties will be shown here. A new custom property can be created here by using the drag and drop builder. 

The drag and drop builder comprises the below field types.

  • Text field

  • Dropdown

  • Checkbox

  • Text area

  • Date picker

  • Number

The properties you add here will be shown along with the default contact properties in the dropdown while mapping columns of your list. 

For example, if you have a column named ‘Age group’ on your CSV file, and you want to add the column as a contact property on your list, drag and drop a dropdown and provide the values as shown below. Once you click on save, the property will be added.

When your list which contains the age group is imported, the property will be populated in the dropdown. Either it will be mapping by default or you will be able to map it manually. 

The added custom field will be added as a column in your list. The custom properties you create are common for all the lists you import.

The custom contact properties can be edited and deleted by hovering over the field. The default properties cannot be deleted. The order of the contact fields can be rearranged above or below in such a way it should get populated on your dropdown while mapping the fields with the columns.

Note: The name of the custom fields you create should be unique. No two fields should have the same name. In total, you will be able to create 400 custom fields in freshmarketer.