A list is used to organise your contacts in a better manner. You can create different lists by uploading contact files in CSV format. A contact can be part of multiple lists. 

Click on the “Create List” icon and upload your list file. A list should be either in a CSV or TSV file format with a maximum file size of 5 MB.

A sample CSV file is provided. To get started, you can download the file and try uploading the same.

Once you upload the list and click on next, the column headers on your CSV file will match Freshmarketer’s default contact properties. You can modify these properties using the dropdown or create a new custom property. The unmatched column headers will be listed separately below, providing an option to match. 

If your imported list contains the same email address more than once, the duplicate contact will be removed automatically. 

Note: If three lists are uploaded subsequently within 30 minutes, a time interval of 30 minutes is needed further to upload another list.

Default matched columns

Few standard properties will be mapped to the columns by default. You can either proceed with the same or you can modify the contact field property using the dropdown. The dropdown lists all the contact properties (both default and custom).

The default contact properties in Freshmarketer includes the Email address, First name, Middle name, Phone, Country, City, Last name, Mobile, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Company, Address, State, Zipcode and Timezone.

Unmatched columns with the option to match with existing properties: 

The unmatched columns will be shown separately below providing you an option to map with the existing contact properties. A custom contact property can also be created on the go from the Contact Fields drop-down. 

Ensure to select the checkbox of the mapped fields to include it as a column in your list.

It is mandatory to match the email field. Once the columns are mapped with the contact properties, you need to enable the permission checkbox wherein you confirm the contacts imported are genuine and permitted by the contact for sending email. Click on the 'Finish' button to create your list.

NotePlease check this help article to know how to create your own custom contact field property.

Updating the existing list and segmentation:

After importing, the list would look like below.

ADD CONTACT -  Add a single contact within the existing list.

A new single contact can be added within the list by clicking on Add contact. A side tab will be opened which shows the existing contact properties where you can add values and create as a new contact.

EDIT COLUMNS - Columns that are visible on the List view.

You can choose the columns that needs to be visible inside the list. Email is chosen and shown by default. You can add other columns and click ‘Apply changes’ to view the columns on the List view.

Copy and move to a list:

You can manage yout lists by copying and moving multiple contacts in one go.

1. Select a contact or multiple contacts using the checkbox in the left.

2. Once selected, a button labelled 'more options' appears with drop down options.

3. Select an activity to display the lists created to copy or move contacts.

Remove from list and delete: 

You will find the ellipsis (hamburger icon) in the right corner of each icon which gives you a list of dropdown options.

Edit - When you want to edit the fields of the respective contact. A sidebar opens when clicked which displays all the fields populated for the particular contact so you can edit them.

Remove from list - When you choose remove from list, the contact will no longer be a part of that list. But still, if he is subscribed to any other list, he will be part of that list. His information will be retained.

Delete - When you delete a contact, all information of the contact will be deleted permanently from Freshmarketer.

NotePlease check this help article to know more about managing unsubscribes.