This article guides you to enable agency mode in Freshmarketer.

STEP 1: Go to Account Settings

After logging into Freshmarketer, click on your username, displayed at the top leftmost area.

A drop-down appears and select Account Settings from the menu.

Account Settings in Freshmarketer Dashboard

STEP 2: Enable Agency Mode

The Account Settings tab opens with many options. Select Agency.

Enable the Agency Mode by moving the slider in the toggle button to the right.

Enabling Agency Mode

A pop up called “Your organization details” appears with text boxes asking for the following details:

  • Organization name: Represents the agency’s organization name. Eg: ABC Inc.,
  • Website: Website of the specified agency.

Adding Organization


Enter the above-requested details and click Add Organization button.

Now, the agency mode is enabled and an agency account can have a maximum of 10 organizations under it.

NOTE: Freshmarketer JS code is different for each of the organization that is added. So the respective organization's Freshmarketer JS code should be copied from Setup -> Freshmarketer JS code and integrated into the site in which you want to run the experiments