What if the poll you build doesn’t match with your website color? Then, there is no point in building a poll that doesn’t fit with your website.

Freshmarketer provides you an array of choices to customize and personalize your poll, keeping your site as a base reference.

Our Configure tab is equipped with vast options to shape and mould your poll. Wherein, you can

  • Set themes for poll
  • Position poll
  • Behavior setting for poll
  • Device specific targeting
  • Setting traffic for a poll
  • Poll end scheduling


Polls Themes


We know that color is more than just a decoration. Sometimes colors can play a game-changing role in your business. Freshmarketer’s theme covers all the traditional color schemes- Light, neutral and dark. Select a color from our color palette and make transitions of polls amongst the offered color schemes.

Choose the color that you wish to paint your poll or leave it to default color by clicking on Set to default link in our color palette.


Positioning of Polls

Freshmarketer provides you two optimal options for positioning your poll inside your web page- Left bottom and right bottom.


Polls Behaviour

Polls appearing at improper scenario often irritates the user. This can deviate the expected user flow to huge margin.

One important factor to be considered in feedback collection is “when”. Feedback and opinions from customers should be collected only when the user is likely to provide it.

Example: The right time to ask a feedback on how smooth the checkout process would be on completion of the checkout process and not anytime before that.

At Freshmarketer, we have analyzed these behavioral scenarios and provided the five best options on displaying poll at an optimal time.

On page load- Trigger polls in sync with your page load.

Certain time after a page load- Trigger poll after a certain time (seconds) upon page load.

Example: Say you set 5 seconds for this option. Let us assume that your page loads in 2 seconds and hence your poll will be displayed in the page after 5 seconds from page load. Ie. A total of 7 seconds since user browsing that page.

When a user scrolls to the middle of the page- Trigger poll when the user reaches the middle of the page.

When a user moves away from the page, towards the page-close button- Trigger poll when the user is about to click the close “x” button. With this option, poll appears whenever the user moves away from the “viewport”.


When a custom event occurs- Trigger poll upon the occurrence of a custom event.


Polls - Custom Trigger

At Freshmarketer, we understand the importance of polls and that every response matters to you. And, at times you might want the polls to get displayed even though the user minimizes the poll widget. With Freshmarketer, you can configure the number of polls minimization before hiding it.

Example: Let us assume that a user has selected 3. Then, the poll will not be displayed upon minimizing the poll widget thrice.

NOTE: Enable “Always show the poll upon minimizing it” to display the poll widget, irrespective of any number of minimization clicks.


Device Specific targeting

Three types of device based targeting are provided- Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile. Our poll widget adapts well to all the device. So get responses from all users diversified by devices.

Advanced Options

Polls - Advanced Options

Advanced options are blended with two sections:

  • Traffic allocation
  • Poll scheduler

Traffic Allocation

The Traffic section lets you decide on how many % of users should be allowed for a poll.

Poll Scheduler

Set your poll scheduler to decide when the poll should be paused. The poll pauses upon reaching the end-date or reaching the visitor limit.

Read this article to understand Freshmarketer’s poll reports.

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