Recording sessions using Session Replay involves a few simple steps and they are explained in the below guide.

STEP 1: Start recording sessions

Once you log into Freshmarketer, in the dashboard page, select Session Replay from the left side panel or click on the New Experiment button and select the Session Replay option.

Freshmarketer Dashboard

In the page that opens now, enter the recording name and click Create.

STEP 2: Choosing Domain/URL to record

In the Configure page that opens, you have two options to select depending on your convenience.

  • Enter the Domain - Sessions will be recorded for all the visitors’ activities that happen in the entire domain(website).
  • Enter URL - Sessions will be recorded for all the visitors’ activities that happen in the specific URL. You can select from the list of three options available for this option namely,
    Simple Match- Default match type used to target a page on a site.
    Exact Match- Targets a specific URL with query parameter.
    Regex- Targets multiple and dynamic URLs by providing a pattern to match the URLs.

To know more about URL targeting options, read this article.

Session Replay: Creation Page

Freshmarketer gives you an additional option which is,

Exclude URLs - Mention the URLs of the page(s) to be excluded from your session replay recordings.

There is also a Set Traffic option where you can provide the percentage of your site’s traffic that you want to include in the experiment you set up.

Click on Next: Targeting button to proceed to the next step.

STEP 3: Choose your targeting audience

Now, you can choose the set of audience for whom the experiment should be targeted. Freshmarketer provides you with the list of predefined audience segment from which you can choose one or else you can create your own custom audience depending upon your requirements.

Session Replay: Targeting

To know more about creating custom audience, read this article.

Finally, click the Start recording button in the top right corner to begin recording your site’s visitors’ activities.

Now, Freshmarketer records sessions and you can use them to study visitors’ behavior and help your site boost conversions.

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