For the experiment which might need audience targeting, we provide an option for uploading your own set of audiences in a Comma Separated Value(CSV) or Tab Separated Value(TSV) formats.

While you set the audience in the targeting step, navigate to the ADD CUSTOM AUDIENCE section and click on the Upload Audience button as shown below.

By clicking the button, a popup will be shown where you can choose your file which contains the audience data. You can create an audience name and browse the file from your machine. You can list the audience by two types.

 1. Query parameter
 2. Cookie

For the URL, the key name which you provide in the popup will be taken as the “key” and the “value” will be taken from the file you upload. Here, the key name is “username” and it will be followed by the Query parameter or Cookie which you select. For the values that are uploaded in the file, the targeting will be done. On the other hand, targeting will not be done for the values which are not there in the uploaded file.

CSV file sample:

Once you load the values in excel sheet, save it as CSV or TSV format

By clicking upload, your own audience segment will be created. Once you create the segment you would want to apply them based on the conditions. Below is how you can do it.

Select “Add custom audience” => from the drop-down menu => choose “uploaded audience”

It will fetch you the list of custom audience segments that you have created. You can use them with a suitable match type to target them.

You should provide a name for your audience. Once you click “save” on the top right corner, your saved audience will be targeted.

The same applies to the cookie list type also. The cookie values that are present in the file you upload will be targeted based on your match type.

Note: You don’t have to create an audience segment for every experiment you create.The segment which you create in one experiment can be used across all the features and experiments where targeting is required. You need to select “Uploaded Audience” option in the drop-down and your segments will automatically be fetched.

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