Freshmarketer's A/B testing report provides an option to reset all data in report and collect new data for the experiment. With this option, you can start a fresh experiment for already existing variations by resetting the old data.


Let us assume that an experiment has been created and running as expected. After a few days, one of the variations is found to be defective. It needs to be resolved to acquire clear and accurate insights from the experiment. To fix this situation, editing and resetting the data will be the right work around.

NOTE: Once the report is reset, the action cannot be revoked.

Locating “Reset Reports” option

STEP 1: Go to Reports tab

Click the experiment name to open the page with Reports tab.

STEP 2: Locate Reset Reports option

Click the Reset Reports option in the top right corner. A pop-up will appear. Click Reset Reports button to delete all the data and reset the report.


Understanding “Reset Reports” option

Some of the important points to understand regarding Reset Reports option are explained below:

When the reports are reset using Reset Reports option, the heatmaps data associated with that experiment will also be reset. This is because when Heatmap option is enabled for an experiment, Freshmarketer removes all the data collected for that experiment which includes Heatmaps data.

This option will also reset the Date Range in the report. The date reset can happen in two different cases namely
  • If the reports are reset in a running experiment, the Date Range will be automatically reset to the date on which the report is reset.
  • If the reports are reset in a paused experiment, the Date Range will be reset to the date on which the experiment will be launched.

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