Bounce rate has always been an indispensable metric for the measurement of a site’s visit quality because it indicates the percentage of visitors who visit a site page and then leave (bounce) that page without moving to other pages within that site.


Generally, higher bounce rate indicates low conversion rate and implies that the visitors jump out of the page in a jiffy because of a number of reasons:

  • Your visitors close the site’s tab or they close the browser completely.
  • Your visitor found your site to be uninteresting or irrelevant.
  • Visitors click the back button in the browser.
  • Visitors click on an external link present in your site.
  • Your visitor’s session is timed out.

Why is Bounce Rate Important?

Getting to know your site’s bounce rate can help you in understanding your visitors and where changes can be made so that there’s a hike in conversions.

Case 1:

Let’s say you own a blog site where you post quality blog posts. Your site is structured in such a way that all the blogs show up in the landing page. So here, it is natural to understand that the bounce rate will be typically high because the visitors will be left with no motive to traverse through the pages. This is because the visitors have already converted which means nothing but the visitors reading the blog posts.

Case 2:

Now, let’s say you own an E-commerce site and in it’s landing page, you display the products and offers. Here, if the bounce rate is high, it is a bad sign because the conversion here means that the visitor buys something. The visitors might have visited the landing page and left for any number of reasons such as high price, no offers, etc.

Hence, it is absolutely imperative to understand how bounce rate is important and how it can be used to boost conversions by tweaking your site correspondingly.

How it is used in accordance with Freshmarketer?


In Freshmarketer, the goals contribute to a website’s conversion rate. Here, Track bounce rate helps as a metric to know whether visitors bounce from the particular variation you create. You can use this goal to complement other goals and understand how you can boost conversions. It can not serve as a standalone goal to boost conversion and thus, you cannot have Track bounce rate goal as a primary goal.


You can track bounce rate of a specified page URL by setting it as a Goal in the A/B test experiment. You might want to know how well the variation you made in your site works for your visitors. For this purpose, you can set Track bounce rate as your goal and then Freshmarketer cleverly tracks whether visitors leave the page or explore other pages on the site.

NOTE: Freshmarketer tracks the bounce rate of a page only if that page has Freshmarketer JS snippet integrated across your domain.

An experiment is created for the URL - “” and the goal is set as Track bounce rate for the same. Here, the bounce rate can be calculated only if that entire domain is integrated with Freshmarketer JS Snippet.

You can find the Track bounce rate in Engagement metric under Goals tab and by clicking Add another goal button, you can choose it from the list of available goals.


Track Bounce Rate

Track Bounce Rate

The report section will have a separate section for details regarding bounce rate which has a graph representing the bounce rate over the time.

Bounce Rate Over Time Graph

Below the graph, you can find the numerical representation of the bounce rate for all the variations you have created along with the original. The metrics associated with this are

  • Bounce Rate metric here displays the percentage of bounced visitors which is calculated using the below-given formula

         Bounce rate = [(Total Visitors viewing only a single page / Total visitors) x 100 ] %

  • Improvement metric in the report shows the numerical data which is a result of comparison between the baseline and the corresponding variation. It will be a positive outcome if the later performed better than the former or ends up in negative outcome if the former performed better than the later.

You can choose yourself and set the baseline variation from the list of originals and all the variations.

With the help of this option, you can gain insights about your site’s bounce rate and you can tweak your site accordingly.

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