Custom event goal helps in tracking user interactions on elements that cannot be determined by just clicks or interactions.

Why need custom event goal?

  • Goals are unlikely to be straight-forward in most applications. Few web pages have dynamic updation of content or Single Page Applications.Measuring the interactions on these types of elements cannot be done with default goals.
  • When there is a popup in the application flow and user wants to track clicks or views on that element.
  • When there are multiple dynamic updation of content and the URL remains the same, even after the updation. If you need to track user interactions on these elements, you can tie the custom event to those elements to successfully track the dynamic elements.
  • Most AJAX form submits does not generate any change to page URL. By binding the custom event to the successful form submit event of the AJAX request, you can track the form submits on that page, rather than just clicks on the elements.

Consider MyCart as an e-commerce website. User needs to signup to place an order on MyCart. Signup page on this website requires multiple user details and also provides an option to verify the phone number. The percentage of visitors verifying the phone number would be very less and verification takes place on a pop-up element, hence there is no change in the URL. MyCart needs to track the visitors verifying the phone number in the signup flow.

Freshmarketer helps you create custom event goal to bind it with the actual event on the webpage, thereby tracking the actual event seamlessly.

MyCart will generate a Custom event and tie it with the verification flow to track the total visitors verifying the phone number. Read about creating custom event goal

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