Although our heatmap reports are in real time, we also offer the feature of taking unlimited snapshots of your page’s heatmap.

Capture screenshots of your page(s) and share them with your team in just two steps.

STEP 1: View Heatmap Of Your Site

Enter the URL of the page, for which you wish to capture the heatmap in your browser. Click on the chrome extension and select heatmap experiment name to load the HeatMaps/ClickMaps data. If it is not listed in recent experiment list, then in your Windows/Mac keyboard select (CTRL+SHIFT+H) keys to load the heatmap for the page you are in. Now heatmap will be loaded

NOTE: CTRL+SHIFT+H will load the heatmap only if the experiment for that page is in running status.

Generating heatmaps via Chrome Extension

STEP 2: Capture Screenshots

Your heatmap will load on top of the page, with a toolbar underneath. Click on the camera icon. Heatmaps will be captured and the file will be downloaded with extension .png

Capturing Screenshots using Chrome Extension

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