There are two ways to view Freshmarketer heatmap reports

1.Viewing reports on the web application
2.Viewing reports in the browser- extension

Freshmarketer provides you with Heatmap and Clickmap reports in just one click.

  • Tip: We recommend you download Freshmarketer's chrome extension. If you have not, please download here.

1. Viewing Reports on the web- application

Step 1. On the dashboard, click on the heatmap experiment that you’ve created.You will have a view heatmap option, you can click on that option.

Step 2. The heatmap report loads on the browser. As you can see, the interface gives a brief summary of how many visitors have visited the page as well as how long the experiment has been running.

2. Viewing reports in the browser-extension

Viewing heatmaps on the browser enables a better experience. There are few things that can be done using the chrome- extension alone.

Step 1. Navigate to the page on which you ran the test. Click on the chrome extension. The interface gives a brief summary of how many visitors have visited the page as well as how long the experiment has been running.

Step 2. Click on the chrome extension and click on the ‘Show HeatMaps/ClickMaps’. The page immediately reveals HeatMaps by default. You can select the blue button on the bottom left to switch to ‘ClickMaps’.

Once you select ‘Show HeatMaps/Clickmaps’, The HeatMap chart opens up by default. An example is given below.

Snapshots of Heatmaps

You can take unlimited snapshots of the heatmap reports.
  • Click on browser extension and click on Show/ View heatmaps button.
  • When the report loads you will find a camera icon to take as many snapshots of the heatmap reports you want.
  • By taking snapshots you can compare snapshots of heatmap reports across dates.
  • It also helps you share heatmap reports to other users.

Date-wise Heatmap Reports view

You can select date ranges to get visual representations of the visitor behavior. The snapshot can work well with the date-wise reports to give better insights through comparison.

Device Specific Heatmap Report View

You can now view heatmap reports specifically on mobile, tablet or computer version. To get a device specific view, just click on Devices and select the device option. It will show how your heatmap reports look on different devices. See screenshots below.

Device Specific Heatmap Report View

What are globule-like representations?

To view the Clickmap reports, click on the bottom left and then select the resultant page as follows.

What are the percentages displayed in varying colors?

We like to call them ‘clippets’ - Click percentages. The darker shades indicate a higher percentage.

Clippets = (No. of clicks received by the particular element) / (Total No. of clicks). You can always find out which element a particular clippet indicates by hovering the mouse over the clippet. 

An example is given below.

The cup indicates the winner element (in the 1st image) which is the ‘Home’ link since it has received 2 clicks. On the other hand, ‘Layouts’ received only 1 click.

NOTE: This option is extremely useful if the page accrues multiple clicks and it is tough to identify the winning element by looking at the colors.
Click Intensity and tint options are available for Clickmaps as well.

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