The guide below will help you create your heatmap and clickmap reports with Freshmarketer.

STEP 1: Create a Heatmap Experiment

Heatmap experiment in Freshmarketer can be created in any of the two ways:

   1. Using Chrome extension
   2. Using Freshmarketer’s web app

Using Chrome extension

Enter the URL of the webpage to be tested in Chrome browser. Click on the Chrome Extension and select Heatmap & Clickmap.

Chrome Extension

Using Freshmarketer’s web app

Log into Freshmarketer and in the Dashboard page, select Heatmaps either from the left side panel or from the New Experiment option.

Freshmarketer Dashboard

A Heatmap page opens. Provide an Experiment Name and hypothesis for your easy reference.

STEP 2: Enter URL For Heatmap

Type the URL in the text box.

Heatmaps: Creation page


1.Make sure you include the protocol involved while typing out the URL(http:// or https://).
2.Take care to include the exact URL. For eg, if the URL you want to test is  take care to include the final “/”. Excluding it might interfere with the experiment.

The drop down provides the following options for URL targeting

1.Simple Match- Default match type used to target a page on a site.
2.Exact Match- Targets a URL with a query parameter.
3.Regex- To use the RegEx functionality for targeting pages with a pattern match.
4.Substring-Target all pages which contain the given substring.

Freshmarketer gives you a few additional options:

Exclude URLs- Mention the URLs of the page(s) to be excluded from your experiment.

Experiment Scheduler- ts you pause your experiment under one of the two criteria: a.Visitor limit b.Scheduled date and time. Read more

Experiment Scheduler

STEP 3: Integrate Freshmarketer Code Snippet

To test your website, Freshmarketer’s JS snippet code has to be integrated to your site. Click on Launch Experiment button, an alert box appears on your page as below.

Code verification pop-up

To integrate and verify the code, click on verify. Else click on the button below to launch the experiment.

A pop-up opens to copy the code, as you click verify. Read more about Freshmarketer code integration

NOTE: You can also send the code to your developer to implement it on your behalf. Click on Send code to developer and you will be prompted to type the email address. Now, the code will be sent to the email address automatically.

STEP 4: Launch Heatmap Experiment

Once the code has been implemented, click on Launch Experiment button at the top right of your page.

A pop-up box appears and click Yes, Launch anyway button.

Heatmaps: Summary page

Now your heatmap experiment will be running and the reports will be generated once your website visitors are tracked.

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