eBay tickets created in Freshdesk will have the following default properties.

Ticket Attribute









As set by admin during configuration


As set by admin during configuration

Custom Columns

As configured by the admin in the helpdesk


Can be set by the agent


See this section

The content of the ticket will also have the relevant item details. These details include Item ID, End Time, buyer Details and Listing Status.

Updating Ticket Properties: The ticket properties mentioned in the table above can be manipulated by you at any time. You can also perform bulk updation of these properties. No “Requester Notification” emails will be sent regarding these updates. If you’ve set up groups and products for tickets to be assigned to, it will be automatically categorized.

SLAs: You can set up new SLA policies or modify existing ones and these will apply to your eCommerce tickets too.  

Scenario Automations: Any rules you’ve created or setup for Scenario Automations, that apply to eCommerce tickets, will be fully honoured provided these rules do not use the “Send Email to Requester” action.

Automated Ticket Management: You can set up rules for Ticket Creation, Ticket Update, and Time Triggers to manage your incoming eBay tickets the same way you manage your ordinary helpdesk tickets. With “eCommerce” as your source identifier, you can set up rules targeted to modify tickets or assign them to various agents as required. 

NOTE: Automation rules will not allow you to send automated notification emails to customers. Rules such as “Send Email to Requester” will not be honoured. No notification mails will be sent to the requester, irrespective of what modifications you make to ticket properties.