Apart from allowing you to format your solution articles in rich text, Freshdesk also lets you customize their meta information. That way, you can optimize your Knowledge Base for search engines and make sure that they rank better on Google.

Customizing Meta Information

To optimize your solution articles, follow these steps:

  • Fill Out SEO Information: When writing a new solution article, or updating an existing one, make sure to fill out the SEO information. This includes the title, description, and relevant keywords.
  • Title and Description: The title should be 50-60 characters long, and the description should be 150-160 characters long. Both should be concise and descriptive, containing relevant keywords.
  • Keywords: Specify relevant keywords that are related to the content of your article. This will help search engines understand the context of your article and improve its ranking.
  • Save: Click 'Save' to save your changes.


It also helps if your meta information is in accordance with the best practices for Google optimization.

Note: The character count is visible below the text area and this turns to red if you exceed the recommended limit

Optimizing Existing Articles

If you have already populated your Knowledge Base, you can go through a one-time activity to optimize all your existing solution articles. This can help improve the overall visibility of your KBase and drive more traffic to your support portal.

Best Practices for Google Optimization

Ensure that your meta information follows the best practices for Google optimization. This includes using relevant keywords, creating unique titles and descriptions for each article, and avoiding keyword stuffing.

Adding Meta Information to Your Support Portal

If you are on the PRO plan or above, you can add meta information to your support portal so that it can be found easily using search engines. To do this, 

  • Go to Admin > Portals > Customize portal > Layouts & Pages.
  • Enter the meta information in the Head section .
  • Click Save and Publish once you're done.

Please note: Adding meta information to support portal is applicable only to the Customer Service Suite product