The Freshchat - integration allows agents to seamlessly send survey links during conversations without the need to switch tabs or copy links from elsewhere. Furthermore, agents have access to the customer's previous survey responses, enabling them to tailor their interactions accordingly.

Agents can conveniently view survey information right next to the Chat inbox within both the Freshchat and Freshsales products.


Users can effortlessly set up the integration by entering the API Key of the existing account.

How to use the integration 

1. Sending Surveys in Chat: Agents can initiate surveys directly within the chat interface.

2. Multiple Surveys: If multiple surveys are configured in the settings, agents have the option to select which survey to send. If only one survey is configured, the survey can be sent directly in the chat.

3. Viewing Customer Survey Responses: Agents can access a list of customer survey responses. By default, the two latest survey responses are displayed, but responses from up to two years ago can also be viewed. For each survey response, the agent can see:

   - Survey Title

   - Date and Time of Response

4. Detailed Survey Responses: Clicking on a survey response opens a slider that displays responses to each survey question, ensuring agents have all the necessary information at their fingertips.

The Freshchat - integration simplifies the process of collecting and utilizing customer feedback. By seamlessly integrating surveys into chat conversations, businesses can gather insights in real-time, enhance customer interactions, and make informed decisions. The ability to view and interact with survey responses within the chat environment streamlines workflow and improves agent productivity.