Threads help you to create organized discussions around specific topics or tickets. With Threads, you can discuss a topic in a chat-like interface inside the ticket without adding clutter to the conversation pane.

Agents can use Threads to organize conversations and have focused discussions about the ticket or a topic within the respective ticket. This allows agents to retain the context of the collaboration in one place, and store it for future reference. 

You can create Threads on Private notes, start a Discussion Thread, or while Forwarding a ticket to loop in fellow agents and other stakeholders to provide a complete context of the ticket. 

Threads enable you to 

  • Improve agility in initiating discussions with multiple stakeholders on a ticket: 
    • Allow agents to collaborate over different types of threads - Discussions, Private Threads, Forwards, and Freshservice threads to converse with various stakeholders.
    • Empower agents to instantly communicate with teams using the intuitive, chat-like interface inside a ticket.

  • Organize internal conversations without polluting the conversation pane:
    • Declutter conversations by segregating internal and customer communication and managing information about the issue.
    • Allow agents to focus on the customer while conversing with the team on multiple topics.
    • Quickly find answers by easily parsing through conversations. 

  • Collaborate with context:  
    • Provide a bird’s eye view of all communications to resolve customers' issues.
    • Allow stakeholders to access the chronological record of the customer communication and quickly gain context to resolve the issue.

  • Track and improve resolution time: 
    • Better visibility on resolution times with analytics.
    • Quickly identify trends in collaboration across different teams and resolution times for longer and more complex tickets.

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