Enable your agents to get transcripts of their conversations with just one click. The Download Transcript app on the Freshchat marketplace allows agents to download an entire conversation transcript in one click as a text file (.txt) on their local device. Check out the app here and continue reading to learn more about setting up the app.

Note: You can only download upto 200 messages with the app.

  • To install the app, navigate to Admin settings > Marketplace for Chat

  • You will now see all the apps you can integrate with your Freshchat by searching for Download Transcript

  • Select the app from the search results, and you will get the overview of the app, instructions to install, and other app information (publish date, version info, help, terms & conditions, etc.)

  • Click on the Install button to get to the configuration page where you can set up the app
    • You will need the following information to continue:

  1. Your Freshchat domain: acme.freshchat.com, for example. You can get this from the Admin > Mobile App for Chat where the unique domain ID can be found. You need to include https:// before the domain that you have copied.

  2. Your Freshchat API token: You can get your API token by navigating to Admin settings > APIs for Chat > Generate token button. You can also customize the token to reflect the sender's information. It is set by default to "Bot".

  • Once you've added the information, click the Verify button followed by the Save button
  • You can go back to the configuration page to check out the logs, segregated by different time ranges

How to download transcripts?

  • Navigate to any conversations in your Inbox, and you can download the transcript from the reply editor.