This feature is available as an Early Access Program (EAP) for Pro and Enterprise Omnichannel customers only. Refer to this post for more details.

With Custom agent status, admins/supervisors can get complete visibility into how agents are spending their time when they’re unavailable to assist customers.

With the Agent Activity report, you can access metrics like total logged time, available time, etc. This will help you understand how much time each agent is spending assisting customers vs doing other activities like training, attending a meeting, etc. 

A quick guide to accessing the report:

  1. Log in to your Freshdesk Omnichannel account.

  2. Click on Analytics in the left tab, and go to Analytics

  3. Filter out by Curated Reports, and you can see the Agent Activity report

  4. There are three pages in the report to indicate the agent status breakdowns:

    1. Availability

    2. Unavailability

    3. Channel availability

  5. These are the metrics available in the Availability report:

    1. Total logged-in time

    2. Total available time

    3. Total unavailable time

    4. A chart representing total availability on any channel

  1. These are the metrics available in the Unavailability report:

    1. Total unavailable time

    2. Total time spent on ‘Busy’ statuses

    3. Total time spent on ‘Away’ statuses

    4. A chart representing time spent on work-related activities (like meetings, training, etc)

    5. A chart representing time spent away from work (like lunch, coffee break, etc)

  1. These are the metrics available in the Channel Availability report:

    1. A chart showing availability comparison across channels (tickets, chat, and phone)

    2. A chart showing availability on phone that’ll display the total time spent on tasks like Available on phone, ongoing call, and After Call Work (ACW)

  1. To understand the underlying data in detail, you can expand the particular report and click on ‘Show tabular data’ to get a breakdown of the data in each widget.

Note: The date range for all curated reports to set to the last 24 hours by default