We are excited to introduce the launch of our new Freshworks Customer Service Suite — an all-in-one, AI-first, omnichannel solution. This Suite combines conversational support and ticketing capabilities, powered by generative AI, to deliver outstanding customer and agent experiences.

If you are a Freshdesk Omnichannel customer and want to learn more and experience the new Freshworks Customer Service Suite, please write to support@freshdesk.com.

With Omnichannel analytics, you get insights on performance across different channels in a single report. You can customize and compare metrics from Freshdesk, Freshchat, and Freshcaller.

Note: Omnichannel Analytics is currently only available for customers who signed up after September 2020. For customers who signed up before September 2020, this will be made available by May 2022.

A few things you can do with Omnichannel Analytics

  • Get instant insights on performance across channels 
  • Access curated reports that deep-dive on performance on phone, chat, and tickets. 
  • Create custom reports with metrics across channels.

In this article, we’ll give you an overview of the list of curated reports  and what’s possible while creating a custom report

List of curated reports

Curated reports give you meaningful insights into you team’s performance. You can validate performance without any effort. Each of these reports, and the widgets within these reports, can be filtered and modified based on your needs. 

Report name
What it does
  • You’ll understand whether the incoming traffic is increasing or decreasing across channels during a period of time
  • Shows the percentage of phone calls and chats converted to tickets.
  • Gives insights on the type of phone calls and chats that are mostly converted to tickets
Gives an overview of how fast your customer issues are responded to or resolved. In the case of phone calls, response time and resolution time refers to the time to answer and time to complete phone calls 
Gives an overview of agents’ performance across different channels. You’ll be able to get 
  • Details on the total number of calls, chat, and tickets that agent has worked on. You’ll also have insights on the calls they missed, tickets reopened etc. 
  • Details on an agent’s speed in responding to inquiries and resolving them. 
Gives an overview of how happy customers are with your support over the chat messenger and tickets
Gives a summary of the different types of calls you’ve received or made 
Gives detailed information about the performance of each agent over the phone.
With key metrics like missed calls, abandoned calls etc.  you can understand overall performance with this report
You can quickly ensure whether your team’s performance is improving with this report. It gives an overview of the different types of calls ( incoming, outgoing, missed, abandoned etc.) over a period of time.
This report summarizes how long your agents have been available to take phone calls, busy with after call work, offline, or engaged in a phone call. 
Gives an overview of how many calls are disconnected while waiting in the call queue or when they listen to long welcome messages.
This report provides information about the number of calls in the service level category, which includes the calls that breached the service level targets and the calls that are within the service level.
Conversation Overview report
This report showcases the trend in chat volume and your team’s performance over a period of one month.  
Gives detailed information on the CSAT ratings you’ve received, the number of customers that are happy or unhappy, and average CSAT score each agent receives. 
Chat Team Performance Report
Shows a summary of every agent’s performance. Gives details on their CSAT score, response time, resolution time and more. 

Creating your own Reports 

While creating new widgets, you can pick metrics from Freshdesk, Freshcaller, or Freshdesk. You can compare metrics across channels by using a stacked bar chart or stacked horizontal graph. 

For a detailed guide on how to create a custom report, please refer to this article.