Freshworks CRM offers the flexibility to mark a field read-only. Information that you don’t want anyone else to tamper with can be marked as read-only. 

 To mark a field as read-only,

  1. You can make a field read-only either while adding a new field (custom fields) or editing an existing field (default and custom fields).

  2. Go to Admin settings > Contacts/Accounts/Deals Module/Custom Module > Add Fields.

  3. Click the dropdown icon on a field and Enable the Read-only check box for a field.

  1. Alternatively in the Add Field/ Edit Field overlay, you can enable Mark this field as a read-only checkbox.

  1. Click Save

Note: Only the fields that are not required (mandated), can be made read-only. i.e: For all required fields, the read-only option is disabled.