Automations in parent-child ticketing makes collaboration hassle-free. Support teams can ensure important updates made to child tickets reflect in the parent tickets, keeping every team working on the issue updated. 

Here are a few examples- 

  • Sync notes/ reminders in child tickets to the parent ticket

  • Update priority on the parent ticket, when the priority of a child ticket is modified

  • Automatically create a new child ticket once an existing child ticket is updated 

  • Keep the owner of the parent ticket notified on updates made to child tickets

To know more about parent-child ticketing, read this article.

Let's take an example of creating an automation rule that copies notes added to the child ticket back to the parent ticket.

To configure an automation rule for parent-child ticket go to Admin > workflows > Automations > Ticket Updates > New rule

  • Enter a name for the rule

  • Select agent or requester in “When an action is performed by…”

  • On tickets with these properties, select if “Association type” is “Child

  • Perform the action “Add note

  • Add placeholder ‘latest private comment’ in the description. Now, the latest comment made in a child ticket would be added as a private note to the parent ticket. 

  • Click Preview and save.

Similarly, you can automate more parent-child ticketing workflows by choosing the association type as “child” or “parent”