In your Freshdesk account, the roles that an agent is associated with are structured in the following manner:

Account Administrator > Administrator > Supervisor > Agent

You can also set up custom roles to customize helpdesk access for your agents.

Modifying and deleting agent profiles

As a standard rule, if you want to delete or edit another agent’s profile, you have to be an Admin who can manage agents - that is, you need access to Admin > Team > Agents in order to modify or delete another agent’s profile.

There are a few rules when it comes to modifying or deleting an agent's profile:

  • You cannot delete yourself (your access). 
  • If you’re an Admin, you can edit or delete the profile of other Admins and Agents but not Account Admins.
  • If you’re an Account Admin, you can edit or delete any profile on the helpdesk.

Guide to editing or deleting an agent’s profile

Soft delete an agent's profile

  • Login to your support portal as an Admin.
  • Go to Admin > Team > Agents, and find the agent whose profile you want to modify. 
  • Click Edit or press the trash button to delete their profile.
  • If you can’t see those buttons, it means you don’t have the necessary privileges to modify their profile (the agent could be an Account Administrator and you might only have Administrator privileges).

Note: If an agent is deleted, he/she will be converted to a contact in your account and their profile can be found under the Customers tab. All the tickets assigned to the deleted agent will automatically become 'unassigned'. Go through this link to understand what happens to tickets assigned to an agent when their access is deleted.

Hard delete an agent's profile

  • The admin can navigate to an agent’s profile and 'Delete' the agent.
  • When you delete an agent from Freshdesk, all tickets assigned to that agent will automatically become unassigned and the agent would be converted into a customer in your Freshdesk Account. 
  • To permanently delete this agent, follow same steps as you would to delete a contact.
  • If the deleted contact has been an agent with the account, we anonymise their data and permanently delete their PII (Personally Identifiable Information) but not their contributions to the business like tickets responded to, knowledge base articles created, etc as that would be detrimental to business and is construed as property of the organization.

Note: If you are using SSO for login purposes, you will have to update the required attributes (profile details) in the SSO system for the changes to reflect inside Freshdesk.