This article provides details about the set of placeholders you can use in your support portal or in the header or footer area. 


Return Type

What they mean

portal.namestringName or Title of the portal
portal.languagestringSelected language (English, French etc.)
portal.logo_urlurlDefault or Custom logo from the portal
portal.linkback_urlurlLinkback URL from Freshdesk
portal.contact_infourlPhone number specified in Freshdesk
portal.login_urlurlLogin URL of the support portal (also available to anonymous users)
portal.can_signup_featurebooleanTrue or false based on whether signups are allowed or not
portal.signup_urlurlSignup URL of the support portal
portal.new_ticket_urlurlURL to the new ticket creation page
portal.new_topic_urlurlURL to create a new forum topic
portal.profile_urlurlURL to the profile of a specific user
portal.recent_articlescollection of articleslist of recently added articles across the portal

If you enable Multilingual Support, the following placeholders can be used to customize the portal based on the current language selected. You can read more about multilingual related placeholders here.

PlaceholderReturn TypeWhat they mean
portal.current_language.codestringCurrent language selected on the portal
portal.current_language.namestringCurrent language selected on the portal

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