See all those things between two curly braces (like portal.solution)? These are dynamic placeholders you can use when customizing your portal.

The next section covers the whole list of dynamic placeholders you can (and probably should) use in your FreshThemes, so let’s skip right over that for now and see how you would be using them here. For starters, you can use these placeholders in all your output and tag markups to customize your theme.

Consider the placeholder portal.articles_count (this one shows you the total number of solution articles in your portal).
When used as an output,


Solutions ( {{ portal.articles_count }} )


displays the count of articles across all solutions in your portal

Solutions (2) ←

You can also create special conditions using tags, like:


{% if portal.articles_count > 0 %}
<div class=solution_folder>
{% endif %}


When you are building a FreshTheme, you can use placeholders to manipulate your theme anyway you want.You can check them out from the following section in this guide, titled Dynamic Placeholder API.  

Here is a list of all placeholders you can use.

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