The Pipedrive Connector App integrates with Freshdesk, providing agents and admins with data from your CRM. This app includes two components:

  1. An inbox view that displays customer details from Pipedrive using their email ID.
  2. A data sync feature powered by the Connector App add-on.

This article contains:


To install the Pipedrive Connector App on Freshdesk, go to the Freshdesk marketplace (Admin > Apps) and search for ‘Pipedrive Connector App’. Once you click Install, you will be prompted to provide credentials.

Connect your Pipedrive account

  1. Provide your Pipedrive domain. If your domain is in the format, type acme.
  2. Provide your admin API key. You can find your personal API token in Pipedrive by going to Profile (top right) > Personal Preferences > API tab.
  3. Click Authenticate account.

Connect your Freshdesk account

  1. Enter your Freshdesk domain and API keys. To get your API key, go to Profile > Profile Settings and click View API key.
  2. After completing the above configuration, select the agents who will have access to the Pipedrive configuration and click Install.

Configuring the Pipedrive widget

Once the app installation is complete, go to the full-page app installed in the left navigation bar. Under Widget settings, choose the specific Pipedrive fields you wish to display in the ticket inbox and click Save settings.

The Pipedrive details of a contact based on the email ID will appear in the Pipedrive widget when you view a ticket.

Features of the Pipedrive widget

View Pipedrive information:

  • Access comprehensive information about leads and contacts
  • Get insights into account details
  • Get relevant information on the open deals associated with the contact

Configuring data sync

To synchronize data between Pipedrive and Freshdesk, go to the Data sync tab in the full-page app. This feature is powered by the 'Connector apps add-on.'

  1. Authenticate your Pipedrive account by clicking Proceed. Your details are prefilled from the Pipedrive credentials you entered during app installation.
  2. Choose the direction of data flow based on your requirements:
    • One way from Pipedrive to Freshdesk
    • One way from Freshdesk to Pipedrive
    • Two way (coming soon)
  3. After choosing the direction, relevant recipes will appear. You can currently sync Contact and Account information between Pipedrive and Freshdesk.
  4. Determine which fields you want to sync.
  5. After completing the configuration, click on 'Test recipe' to verify that the data is flowing smoothly.
  6. If the data flows without any issues, enable the recipe's toggle to start.

Account Management

The Analytics dashboard will display the number of successful versus failed jobs, as well as the tasks consumed.

If you want to modify the configured Pipedrive account or authenticate with another user’s credentials, you can do so in the Account section.


The Connector app add-on is a paid add-on, priced at $80 per 5000 tasks. These tasks will align with your billing cycle. For example, tasks expire monthly if you're on the monthly billing cycle or at the end of the year if you're on the annual plan.

To purchase the add-on, navigate to Admin > Plans and Billing. Then, select the number of Connector App Task Packs you wish to purchase. Please note that you will be able to purchase the add-on only when you have an active subscription on Freshdesk.

How are tasks calculated?

Every action block in the recipe constitutes a task. The table below shows the task consumption based on the entity and direction of sync.

Sync Direction
Number of tasks
Pipedrive to Freshdesk
Create Contact [No Account]
Update Contact [No Account]
New/Updated Contact [Contact with Account mapped]
New/Updated Company
Freshdesk to Pipedrive
New/Updated Contact [No Company]
New/Updated Contact [Contact with Account mapped]
Create/Update Company