You can create a custom report in Freshdesk Analytics that focuses on tickets filtered by specific tags, allowing you to analyze and understand trends related to those tagged items.

If you are on a higher plan, you can clone the curated report such as Ticket volume trends or create a new report from Analytics.

Filter tickets based on a specific tag:
To filter tickets associated to a specific tag, navigate to Analytics > Ticket volume trends, open the widget Tickets created and click Configure. Add a new filter by clicking + filter and type Tag > name > includes > <your_tag> and click Apply as shown below. You can do the same by creating a new widget from a new report by choosing Tickets module.

A report to list all the tags in your helpdesk:

To create a report listing all tags along with the number of affected tickets, and to understand which tags were most frequently used, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to Analytics module
  2. Click + Add Widgets, drag and drop Chart under the section CREATE FROM SCRATCH to the blank page
  3. Expand the widget using the Expand icon from the top right corner of the widget
  4. Add a metric by clicking: + metric > Tickets > Total > from Tickets module
  5. Add a filter by clicking: + filter > Tag > name > Is anything
  6. Group by: Tag > name
  7. You can also add date filters to filter the tags created within a time period
  8. Click Apply followed by Save to save the report

This is only applicable for the plans that supports custom reporting. Please make sure you check your plan. To know more about custom reporting, you can refer to this article.

Note: "Is" and "Includes" operators play a major role in fetching the data in analytics filter. When filtered for the tag name using the "is" operator, this would fetch only the tickets that contain the tag the particular tag "ABC". However, if you update the filter as "includes" which would help you with the accurate list of tickets that contain the tag name "ABC" along with all other supplementary tags (if any).