When a user leaves an organisation, there are tasks and other activities that might still be pending under their ownership. In this case, it would make sense to transfer records to existing active users in the CRM. 

To achieve this, please navigate to Admin settings - Users. From there choose the option to transfer records of the respective user whose records you want to transfer. 

Upon selecting that, please choose the user to whom you want to transfer those records.

Please select the records you wish to transfer. Please note that it's mandatory to transfer at least 1 record apart from sales activities ( i.e. Contacts, deals, accounts, products, etc.)

While it is possible to transfer open, completed, and overdue sales activities, it is important to note that you will not be able to select a specific time frame for the transfer. When transferring records from one user to another, all records will be transferred regardless of their creation date. Therefore, if you choose to transfer sales activities from one user to another, all sales activities for that user will be transferred to the new user, regardless of when they were created.

Once you're done selecting, please go ahead and click on transfer. Please note that transferring records might take some time depending on the amount of data that's being transferred.