Freddy Copilot's Live Translate feature streamlines customer service by automatically translating messages into any language preferred by the customer. This is key for handling multilingual queries and ensuring seamless communication between customers and agents across various languages. This feature enables businesses to expand globally and reach a broader customer base using their current staff, irrespective of language abilities, effectively maintaining low support costs.

This article has the following sections:

Key features

  • Automatic Translation: Agent responses are instantly translated into the customer's preferred language.

  • Smart Language Detection: Freddy detects the language on a per-message basis, requiring no input from the agent to select the language.

  • Flexible Translation Option: Full translation is supported for complete responses, while partial translation allows for specific sections, such as addresses or codes, to be translated as needed.

  • Seamless and Secure: Works across platforms, offering a cost-effective, secure enhancement to customer interactions.

Supported Channels and Languages 

Freddy's Live Translate feature works across all channels except Freshcaller, and currently supports the following languages.

  1. English
  2. German
  3. Spanish
  4. French
  5. Dutch
  6. Portuguese
  7. Swedish

Enabling Freddy Copilot's Live Translate

As an Administrator, follow these steps to enable the Live Translate feature:

  1. Navigate to Admin Settings > Freddy (or Freddy for Conversation if you have a Customer Service Suite (CSS) account).

  2. Enable the toggle for Live Translate under Freddy Copilot.

Agents can now automatically translate incoming messages in the Conversation Inbox.

Utilizing the Live Translate Feature

Initiating Conversation:

  • When a customer initiates a conversation, agents receive a Freddy prompt indicating the detected language (e.g., "Freddy detected language Français").

  • Customer’s messages are automatically translated to the agent's default language. 

  • If the conversation is unassigned, the helpdesk's default language is used.

Language Detection:

  • Language detection occurs once at the start. If the customer changes languages, Freddy immediately detects the new language and translates the message accordingly.

  • If the user's language matches the agent's profile language, messages are not translated.

Viewing Messages:

  • Clicking Show Original beneath the chat bubble displays the agent/customer’s original message

  • Clicking Show Translated displays the agent/customer’s translated message.


  •  As soon as the message is sent, agents' typed responses are automatically translated to the customer's last detected language.

Incorporating Additional Content:

  • Agents can incorporate canned responses, solution article content, or any text in the reply editor, and it will be translated into the customer's language. 

  • Agents can apply other inbox-level agent assist features, such as rephrase, auto-suggest, and FAQ content, and still translate the message since Live Translate operates at run-time.

Partial Translation:

Agents can partially translate their responses to prevent the translation of specific information, such as addresses and codes, like 123 Seashell Avenue, Beverly Hills.

  1. Click Auto Translate On in the reply editor menu bar to disable automatic translation.

  2. Type the response that includes the address.

  3. Highlight the sections of the response you want to be translated and click on the Freddy Icon.

  4. Select the Translate to Espanol (detected example language) option to manually translate these parts into the customer's language and click Send.

  5. Manually turn on Auto Translate Off if you wish to continue using the Live Translate feature.

Configuring Assignment Rules with Detected Language Property

With detected languages available as a default conversation property, agents can use this feature to customize assignment rules. This helps streamline the management process and ensures customers are matched with agents fluent in their preferred language.

Here are the steps to configure Assignment Rules:

  1. Navigate to Admin Settings > Configuration and Workflows > Assignment Rules(Conversation Assignment Rules in case of a CSS account).

  2. Click Create Rule and provide a rule name.

  3. Under the Filters section, select detected language under the default conversational properties.

  4. Specify the language condition for your rule.

  5. Example: If “Detected language” is “French,” then assign the conversation to the 'French Team'.

  6. Define the action based on the detected language condition - assigning the conversation to an agent or a group.

  7. Save to activate the assignment rule.

By leveraging Freddy Copilot’s Live Translate capabilities, businesses can provide a truly localized experience to their customers worldwide, fostering greater satisfaction and loyalty.