The recent updates in the User Management System within the Customer Service Suite have significantly streamlined the process of managing agents. Now, administrators can efficiently manage agent tasks directly from within the Freshchat and CRM module, eliminating the need for frequent switching between Freshdesk and Freshchat interfaces. Moreover, the introduction of two new roles, namely "Conversation Support Agent" and "Ticket Support Agents," aims to enhance support services by providing specialized assistance.


1. Conversation Support Agent:

Dedicated to real-time chat support within Freshchat, the Conversation Support Agent adeptly engages with customers, utilizing all available features to ensure swift issue resolution.

2. Ticketing Support Agent:

Focused on ticket-based support within Freshdesk, the Ticketing Support Agent efficiently manages customer queries, utilizing Freshdesk's features for prioritization and resolution.

User Management

1. Navigate to Admin settings > Users to access the user management interface.

2. Click on "Add User" to initiate the agent addition process.

Select the appropriate role from the Role drop-down list when adding or editing agents to specify their responsibilities.

3. For agents with ticketing roles, swiftly move to the ticketing section by clicking on the relevant option.

4. Access the ticketing page to edit ticketing-related information for enhanced ticket support management.