The Custom Modules app allows agents to view Accounts, Deals & other custom modules related to native objects from the conversation inbox.


Connecting Your CRM Account

  1. Enter your Sales domain URL in the format 'yourcompany.myfreshworks.com.'
  2. Input your Sales API key from Admin → API Settings → CRM API details.


Each module configuration requires the following inputs:

  1. Module - Select the module that should be displayed to the agent. This can be native modules like Deals & Accounts or custom modules that you specifically configured for your account.

  2. Related to - Select which native module the custom module is related to. This field accepts Contacts, Accounts, or Deals.

    1. The value for the Accounts & Deals module is not editable. It is set to Contacts by default. 

    2. If a custom module is related to Accounts or Deals, ensure that module visibility is set by enabling the 'Show module in app' checkbox.

  1. Lookup field - Select the lookup field that links the custom module to the native module. This is usually configured in the custom module during its configuration. 

    1. For instance, if there is a custom module called 'Membership' related to contacts, your lookup field named 'Related contact' will be configured under the custom module.

    2. This value for the Accounts & Deals module is not editable. By default, it is set to Related Contact. Custom modules related to contacts also should have ‘Related contacts’ as the lookup field

  1. Fields to display - Select the fields from these modules that agents should see for each module.

Inbox Experience

Modules related to contacts appear in the first-level widget, while those related to deals or accounts appear in the second level once a specific deal or account is selected. To illustrate the inbox experience, assume the app is configured to display Deals (related to Contacts) and Line Items (related to Deals):

  1. Agents can view the three most recent deals in the widget and expand them to see more details. 

  1. If agents want to view all deals related to a particular customer, they can select 'View all' to see all related deals.

  2. Agents can also view all fields of a specific deal and details about the line item (from the Custom module related to the deal) by clicking on 'View more info'.