One of the more important aspects of building your bot, is in ensuring that the bot can be used to deflect the repetitive incoming customer queries, thus freeing your team to handle the more complex queries that require an empathetic human touch. Gathering this data, extracting patterns, and building a bot optimized to handle a specific set of queries is a time-consuming process for most customer support teams who are best at handling customer queries, and not building bots.

These teams can leverage Freddy AI to help them here. 

Freddy can extract valuable insights from your support tickets and customer conversations and build bots using AI to specifically handle these repetitive queries.

  • Freddy will analyze data from the past 30 days of conversation and tickets to detect and gather insights that identify high-frequency contact scenarios. Freddy will then generate a bot designed to deflect these queries. Freddy will prompt you about these insights from the bot builder page or from the Freddy page.

  • These precreated bots will be available on your bots page in your Freshchat / Customer Service Suite account. These bots will have personalized flows tailored to your specific use case and industry.

  • You can also choose to modify the bot to fit your requirements effortlessly. Modifying these bots do not require extensive programming knowledge or a deep understanding of how these bots function. You can use simple text prompts to ask Freddy to update the bot. This includes 
    • Asking Freddy to add a flow

    • Asking Freddy to build an API

    • Asking Freddy to add dialogs

    • Asking Freddy to enhance the content inside a dialog

    • Asking Freddy to use Regex to validate an input field

Freddy AI makes it easier than ever to create and deploy chatbots that can help improve your customer support operations. This allows your team to focus on more complex issues that require a human touch.

Try it out today and see the difference it can make for your business!