Connecting Your Jira Account

After clicking 'Install,' you can authenticate your Jira account. Ensure you have admin access for the account that you need to connect.

Connecting Your Freshchat Account 

  1. Enter your Freshchat domain URL in the format You can obtain this by navigating to Admin → API Settings → Your Chat URL.

  2. Enter your Freshchat API key. This can also be found in the API settings from the previous step.


  1. Choose up to 10 Jira fields to display in the inbox.

  2. Select the Jira projects from which agents can link, create, or view Jira issues.

  3. Configure the sync settings by selecting which updates should be sent to Freshchat/Jira.

Inbox Experience

View linked issue 

Click on the issue name to view more details about a linked issue.

Linking an Issue 

To link a conversation to an existing Jira issue, click on the 'Link Issue' button.

You can search for a specific issue using the Issue ID or Issue Summary. Please note, for search by Issue ID, you must enter the exact ID. For example: FRES-32.

Creating an Issue: 

To create a new issue for the conversation, click on the 'Create Issue' button.

Choose the Project & Issue Type where this issue belongs.

The form will display mandatory fields by default. If you wish to add optional fields, click on the 'Add optional fields' button.

After entering the details, click on the 'Create & Link Issue' button.


If you wish to unlink an issue from a specific conversation, click on the 'Unlink' button located below the issue.