Installation Flow

To install the Aha! app, you need to enter the following credentials:

  1. Aha! Subdomain: If your Aha! domain is in the format,
  2. To get the API key:
    1. Log into Aha! From the home page, click settings and select Personal.
    2. In Personal settings, click Developer.
    3. Click Generate API key.
  3. You can choose if you want the ideas to be created as ‘Requestor’ (Customers) or ‘Agents’

Inbox Experience:

Agents can either link to an existing idea (upvote) or create a new idea if none exists.

Link Idea:

Search for the keyword related to the request. The app searches for the name and description of all ideas inside Aha! to find relevant ideas. Click ‘Link Idea’

Create Idea:

If no relevant ideas exist, click on ‘Create Idea’. Here you can choose the ‘Product’, ‘Name’ & ‘Description’ of idea.

View Idea:

If there are existing ideas associated with a particular conversation, they will appear in the Aha! app