What is Appstle Subscriptions?

In today's dynamic e-commerce environment, Appstle Subscriptions stands out as a premier solution for Shopify merchants aiming to launch and scale their subscription services. Known for its robust and flexible features, Appstle enables seamless subscription management, offering tools for loyalty programs, easy checkout, and customer retention / churn control. Trusted by over 15,000 merchants, it simplifies the subscription process, enhancing both business growth and customer satisfaction.

How does the Freshchat <> Appstle Subscriptions integration work?

This integration brings the power of Appstle Subscriptions directly into the Freshchat inbox, enabling support agents to access their customers’ subscription data and perform actions on them [Cancel, Pause, ReActivate] from the comfort of the Freshchat Inbox.

How to Install the Appstle Subscriptions App?

1. Go to Admin settings > Marketplace Apps.

2. Search for “Appstle Subscriptions” within the Marketplace, and open the App.

3. Click on “Install” to begin the installation process.

4. Enter your Appstle API Key: Please find your API key from your Shopify Store > Appstle Subscriptions > Settings > General Settings > Shop Settings > API Key.

5. Enter your Freshchat Domain URL: Go to yourDomain.myfreshworks.com/crm/sales/personal-settings/api-settings, get the Chat URL, and enter without the /v2 at the end.

6. Enter your Freshchat API Key: Go to yourDomain.myfreshworks.com/crm/sales/personal-settings/api-settings, and get the Chat URL, and get your API Key. Generate one if you don’t already. Use Account Admin API Key.

7. Click “Authenticate Account”.

8. Customize RBAC.

9. Customize Cancellation Reasons.

10. Hit Save at the bottom.

Here's how this integration transforms customer support:

Enhanced Subscription Visibility:

Support agents can now view all subscriptions of a particular customer directly from the Freshchat inbox. This visibility extends to viewing subscriptions grouped by their status, providing a clear overview of active, paused, canceled, and expired subscriptions. This immediate access to subscription details allows agents to offer personalized support swiftly.

Deep Dive into Subscription Details & Order Details right from the Freshchat Inbox:

1. View the three most recent subscriptions at a glance:

2. View all subscriptions grouped by Status by clicking “View All” in the above screenshot:

3. Drill down into specific subscriptions, and view all orders within a particular subscription, offering a timeline of the customer's engagement and purchase history.

4. Accessing detailed information about any specific order within a subscription, enabling agents to address queries or issues with precision.

These capabilities ensure that agents have all the necessary context at their fingertips, eliminating the need to toggle between systems and streamlining the support process.

Empowering Actions within Freshchat:

The integration empowers support agents with the ability to take direct actions on subscriptions from the Freshchat inbox. This includes:

1. Active Subscriptions can be paused/canceled, offering flexibility in managing customer needs.

2. Canceled Subscriptions can be reactivated, encouraging continued engagement and loyalty.

3. Paused Subscriptions can be either reactivated or canceled based on customer preferences.

These Actions can be performed from 3 different places:

1. From the Chat Inbox’s App Widget / At-a-Glance View:

2. From the View All Page:

3. From each Subscription’s Landing Page:

Cancel along with Cancellation Reason:

These actions are seamlessly integrated into the chat interface, allowing for immediate resolution of customer requests.

Admin Settings:

Understanding the diverse needs of e-commerce businesses, the integration offers customization options for admins.

Go to Admin Settings > Marketplace Apps > Installed Apps > Appstle Subscriptions > Settings > Edit Settings:

1. Role-Based Access Control: 

Admins can define which agents have the authority to perform actions on subscriptions, ensuring that sensitive operations are handled by qualified personnel.

2. Custom Cancellation Reasons: 
Admins have the flexibility to customize cancellation reasons, allowing for more accurate tracking of customer feedback and trends.

The Benefits:

This integration between Freshchat and Appstle Subscriptions eliminates the need for support agents to switch between multiple platforms, offering a unified interface that enhances efficiency and response times. By having all necessary subscription information and management tools within the Freshchat inbox, agents can provide more accurate, personalized support, improving the overall customer experience.

Moreover, the ability to customize access and actions within the integration ensures that businesses can maintain control over their subscription management processes, tailoring the system to meet their unique operational needs and security standards.


The Freshchat and Appstle Subscriptions integration is a game-changer for e-commerce businesses using Shopify. By centralizing subscription management within the Freshchat inbox, it not only enhances the efficiency of support agents but also elevates the customer support experience. With this integration, businesses can ensure that their support team has immediate access to the information and tools needed to provide exceptional service, fostering customer loyalty and driving business growth.