Playvox Workforce Management (WFM) uses AI to make capacity planning, forecasting, employee scheduling, and intraday planning easier, more accurate, and less time-consuming. It's designed for the many digital channels that are common in today's helpdesk solutions.

With Playvox WEM integrated with Freshworks, you can:

  • Forecast and schedule multi-step interactions across all channels with accuracy. This includes voice, chat, email, and social media.

  • Get real-time operational visibility and manage changes for your staff as your volumes shift.

  • Measure experience and easily coach to improve performance while motivating and engaging employees through gamification.


Step 1:

To install Playvox from the Freshchat marketplace, you will need the following details:

From Playvox:

To get these details from Playvox, navigate to 

  1. Admin → Integrations → oAuth Tokens → Add New

  2. Client ID - Ex: freshchat_integration. Give this name while creating the OAuth token

  3. Secret - Ex: o<rg^!nDdFAa(Tan>zws4+rguLflKiAL - this will be generated while creating the oAuth token

  4. Domain(Tenant) URL - Ex: https://freshworks.sandbox.cloud.agyletime.io/ - The URL that is used to access your Playvox instance

From Freshchat/the Suite:

  1. Freshchat Domain & API Key: To get these details in Freshchat, navigate to Admin → API settings.

Step 2:

Here, you can choose the data that needs to be synced from Freshchat:

  1. Sync Freshchat Agents:

    1. Enabling this will ensure that users who are both part of Freshchat and Playvox are mapped for sending data. The email ID of the agent will be used for integration/agent alias in Playvox

    2. Once the toggle is enabled, click on ‘Sync agents’ for the sync to happen

    3. When you add new agents to Freshchat, go to the manage apps section, click on 'Edit Settings,' and then click on 'Sync agents.'

  2. Sync Freshchat Agent Status:

    1. Enabling this option will send the real-time availability status of agents to calculate Occupancy and Adherence.

  3. Sync Freshchat Conversations:

    1. Enabling this will send conversation data to Playvox for scheduling and forecasting.

Agent States (Agent status in Freshchat):

  • Agent states from Freshchat are sent to Playvox in real time to calculate agent occupancy and adherence.

  • Agent availability settings in Freshchat directly influence work activity logging within Playvox, ensuring accurate tracking.

  • The start time, end time, and the specific status name set by the agent are sent to Playvox. 

Steps to configure:

  1. In Playvox, navigate to Task Definitions → Integration and enter the status name from Freshchat that needs to be mapped to the task.

  2. Freshchat sends both default and custom status changes to Playvox.

Conversation Records:

  • The Playvox app captures and sends detailed data from each conversation in Freshchat.

  • The handle time, the agent responsible for the conversation, and essential metadata such as the conversation's group, topic, and channel are sent to Playvox.

  • Additionally, the start and end times of the conversation are recorded.

  • This data is accessible in the Realtime Work Summary and Workstream Analysis sections for insights.

  • The data is instrumental in scheduling and forecasting conversation volumes, enabling more efficient and effective management of customer interactions.

Steps to configure:

  1. From Freshchat, the topic name, group, and locale are sent to Playvox.

  2. Under Source Type identifier, enter your topic name, group name, and locale in this format - [Channel]:Chat with us[Group]:Sales[locale]:en-GB

  3. If you would only like to use a part of this data to create a workstream, use only the relevant details.

1. All conversations from Freshchat are sent to Playvox; this is regardless of whether an agent is mapped to a conversation.
2. To calculate the handle time, data is sent from Freshchat only after the agent resolves a conversation.