The TikTok Shop for Freshchat app lets your customer service agents communicate with customers via the TikTok Shop channel. 


Here is what you need to set up and use the Freshchat app:

  1. Tikokshop seller center account and credentials
  2. TikTok Shop Shop ID
  3. API token / App-ID from Freshchat


The table below provides an overview of all the supported message types, automation, structured message formats, message events, and consumer profiles: 

Message TypesTextIncomingYes
AutomationBotsBot to userNo
Structured MessagesArticlesBot to userNo
CarouselBot to userNo
ButtonsBot to userNo
Dropdown ListBot to userNo
Message EventsDeliveredIncomingNo
Consumer ProfileUser Name


Part 1: TikTok Seller Account Shop Authorization

In this guide, we will walk you through the authorization process for our service.

Step 1: Open the authorization link your browser

Please reach out to us at for the authorization link of the application. In the address bar, enter the given URL and ensure that the browser window resembles the image below.

Step 2: Select your shop region

For the United Kingdom, select the European seller. For other regions, select the Asia seller.

Step 3: Check for your shop name in the target shop

If the target shop is the same as your shop name, then proceed to the next screen.

Step 4: Authorize the app

Kindly go through the list of services that are provided by our app, only then authorize it.

Step 5: You will be redirected to a static page

After authorizing you will be redirected to a static page. Wait for a few seconds; you will be redirected to another page automatically.

Step 6: Copy the complete browser URL link

You will be redirected to a Freshchat page. Copy the browser URL from the page. This URL is the one you will be pasting in the Freshchat install page under the "Auth Code URL" field.

Part 2: Freshchat app install

In this guide, we will guide you through the steps for installing our application from Freshworks Marketplace. These steps will be navigating you once you have logged into Freshchat.

Step 1: Navigate to the Admin Settings page

In the sidebar, select the "Admin Settings" option.

Step 2: Search for Marketplace Apps

Search for "Marketplace Apps" in the search bar on the Marketplace Apps page and then navigate to the Marketplace App page.


Step 3: Installation page for the app

In the Marketplace Apps page search for our app "TikTok Seller Chat" in the search bar and then get navigated. Once you reach our app page, click the install button which will navigate you to the app installation parameters page.

Step 4: Copy the credentials

From the "Admin Settings'' page, navigate to your login logo, which is in the top right corner and select the "Settings" option. In that settings page select the “API Settings” tab and copy only the credentials which are under the "API DETAILS FOR CHAT" heading.

Step 5: Fill in the Freshchat-related details

From the credentials that you copied, paste them in the appropriate fields, i.e., the "Freshchat Domain" and "Freshchat API Key" and verify it.

Step 6: Verify the credentials

If the credentials are appropriate, you will receive a "Verified Successfully" notification on the top.

NOTE: Only proceed to the next step if you receive the "Verified Successfully" notification.

Step 7: Fill in the TikTok Seller Chat Auth Code URL

Under the "Auth Code URL" paste the URL that you procured from the browser URL in "Service Authorization" "Step 6".

Step 8: Fill in the TikTok Seller Chat Shop Code

Login to your TikTok Shop Seller Account and navigate to your shop name in the top right corner. Copy the shop code and paste it into the "TikTok Seller Shop Code".

Step 9: Select the Freshchat Topic

Select the desired Freshchat Topic from the dropdown that suits your purpose.

Step 10: Install the app

Finally, install the app. You will be receiving a notification on the top denoting "App Installed".

After installing the app, you will start receiving messages sent to your TikTok Shop account directly inside your Freshchat account.