The Agent Assist App

The Agent Assist app empowers your agents through real-time assistance with access to conversation history and user details by embedding a web widget of Freshchat directly into the conversation inbox. This allows agents to use the widget seamlessly to communicate with a bot, which assists them in addressing customer inquiries efficiently. This streamlined approach significantly enhances the overall effectiveness of your customer support team by improving agent performance and quality of customer service, leading to higher customer satisfaction.


Adding the Widget Script

  • Go to Admin Settings in your Freshchat account.

  • Under the 'Channels' section, select 'Web Widget.'

  • Click on the 'Embed' button from the Web Widget page to copy the widget script.

Configuring the Topic Name

Enter the Topic Name: During the installation process, you will be prompted to enter a specific topic name. This topic is what the agent will see by default upon opening any conversation.

- Unique Topic Selection: Ensure that the topic chosen differs from customer-facing topics to prevent any confusion.

Bot Mapping: In the 'Topic Management' section within the Admin Settings, it is crucial to map the appropriate bot against this chosen topic correctly.

App Functionality


Upon successful installation, you can see the Agent Assist app in the right-hand panel of the conversation inbox screen.

Widget Activation

Automatic Opening: The widget will automatically open in the right-hand panel.

Separate Context and History: Each conversation will maintain its context and history separately, ensuring a streamlined experience.

User Detail Integration

Automatic User Detail Fetching: User details for the current conversation are automatically retrieved and made accessible to the bot. This feature allows for a more personalized and efficient interaction between the agent and the customer.