With Freshchat’s Telephony Partner Extension with Amazon Connect, you can bring your Amazon Connect account into Freshchat to meet all your customer support needs. With this integration, you can:

  • Extend phone as a channel and offer conversational experiences across traditional and modern channels

  • Improve agent productivity

  • Empower admins to improve processes

Note: This functionality is only available for accounts signed up after Dec 31, 2022 on Pro and Enterprise plan.

Integrating Freshchat with Amazon Connect

Check out this video to understand how to integrate Freshchat with Amazon Connect.

You can also follow the steps mentioned below to integrate Freshchat with Amazon Connect.

Admins can integrate Amazon Connect with Freshchat by performing the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings on the left navigation bar and click on “Phone” under the Channels section. 

  2. Choose Amazon Connect from the list of Phone channel providers. This step would lead you to the Amazon Connect page on the Freshchat marketplace. Click on Install again. Please bear in mind that you may install only one phone app at a time. 

  3. Provide your Freshchat Domain and API Key. You may find your Freshchat Domain by going to Settings->Admin Settings->API->APIs for Chat. 

  4. Provide your CRM API Key and hit Install. You may find your CRM API Key by going to Settings->API Settings->Your API Key. 

  5. Provide Amazon Connect Instance URL from your account

  6. Once Validated & installed, click on the Amazon Connect icon in the left navigation bar to load the widget. 

  7. Enter your username and password.

  8. The Amazon Connect agent widget is now set and ready to use.

Please change 'Mobile Number' as the Unique field in Freshworks Contacts page instead of 'Email' for conversations to be created in Freshchat

Fetching Amazon Connect Instance URL

Open the AWS console and search for the service “Amazon Connect”.

Once you select the Amazon Connect service, it will list all the Instances for that particular region.

Click the Amazon Connect Instance Alias, that you prefer to configure with the Application. Once clicked, it will take you to Amazon Connect’s Instance Page.

Please ensure that the instance is updated to the latest domain.

Old Domain Name : https://instance-name.awsapps/com/connect

New Domain :

Follow the below link to update your domain name to the latest version:

When you click on the above Instance URL, it will redirect you to your Amazon Connect Instance.

Copy the domain name for your browser and paste it on your configuration page.


Whitelist Domains in Amazon Connect

You need to open the AWS Connect instance setup page and go to Approved Origins tab & then whitelist the following domains

This link has to be whitelisted in approved origins to enable users to open the Amazon Connect Widget from

the CTI location of the sidebar.

1. (This URL is the same for all users.)

2. Freshworks CTI Cloudfront URL: (This URL is the same for all users.)

3. Freshworks URL e.g.:

How to Enable Call Recording?

Follow the steps in the document here to enable inside your amazon connect account:

Agent experience with the Amazon Connect integration

Start a new call

  • Agents can start a new call by using the keypad or from the People tab by selecting a contact. 

  • When the call is connected, a new conversation is created and the agent is redirected to the Inbox with that conversation open. 

  • Once the call has ended, the chat bubble displays the details of the call with the call recording and an option to download the call recording. 

In-call actions

Agents can perform action from within the widget itself. The list of actions are as follows:

  • Place a call on hold and mute

  • Automatic Call Recordings

  • Add call notes

  • Add other agents/supervisors to an ongoing call ( Conference) via quick connects

Actions such as adding call notes as private notes can be performed from the Inbox even after a call has ended. 

Receiving Calls

  • When agents are on the inbox page or on any other page while they receive a call and answer it, a new conversation is created for the call and the agent is redirected to the inbox with that conversation open.

  • Agents can view the contact by clicking on the “View Contact” button on the Amazon Connect widget which opens the Freshchat contact page on a new tab. 

  • Once the call has ended, the chat bubble indicates the details of the call and provides the recording of the call

  • While on the call, agents can add private notes on the widget and click on “Save”. Once the call is ended, notes added during the call appear as Private Notes on the Freshchat conversation inbox. 

Missed calls & Voicemails

  • Incoming call is assigned to an agent from Amazon Connect based on the logged in timestamp

  • An option for a callback will be provided as a fragment within the conversation, allowing the agent to initiate a return call. Voicemails are not supported with this integration