LogRocket is a frontend application monitoring solution that allows developers to replay sessions, track user interactions, and diagnose performance issues in web applications. By capturing videos of user sessions along with logs and network data, it provides a comprehensive view of user behavior, helping teams identify and resolve UX and technical problems more effectively.

The integration will work for Freshdesk, Freshchat & CSS.

Installation Flow

The app works for both the Ticket inbox and the Conversation inbox.

To install LogRocket in Freshdesk, go to Admin → Marketplace in your Freshdesk account and search for 'LogRocket'.

For Freshchat, go to Admin → Marketplace in your Freshchat account and search for LogRocket.

On the installation page,

To show the relevant LogRocket sessions, admins need to input the following details:

  1. Org Name
  2. App Name

Inbox Flow

Documentation: https://docs.logrocket.com/docs/other-services

Whenever a user reaches out, agents will get access to a link that will redirect the user to relevant user sessions inside LogRocket.

The link will be in the below format: