As an eCommerce business running on Shopify, it is necessary that you are constantly engaging and offering the best shopping experience to your customers. Your customers are searching for the best product to purchase and optimizing your bots' search capabilities is essential for your conversion rates. With the all-new eCommerce chatbot template that leverages Klevu's conversation commerce capability on Instagram (and any other conversation channel that your customer is reaching out on), you can offer a seamless shopping experience while using other bot capabilities from Freshchat to offer stellar customer service.

What you can offer with chatbots built using this template:

  • Conversational commerce at your fingertips: With this template, customers can effortlessly shop for what they want through their conversations with bots. Using inputs from the messages they type out, they can instantly search for items in your e-commerce store. This revolutionary feature allows customers to bypass traditional browsing and searching methods, enabling them to find their desired products with ease.

  • Klevu-powered product search: Say goodbye to the days of jumping between websites and social media platforms. Build chatbots using this template to allow customers to seamlessly browse your product inventory without ever leaving their favorite messaging channel. This immersive shopping experience keeps users engaged and increases the likelihood of conversion.

  • Sales assistance and customer service: Build chatbots using this template that offers sales and reliable support. Address a wide range of customer queries and concerns, such as tracking your order (WISMO), order cancellations, refund requests, and more.

Getting Started with the Instagram E-Commerce Chatbot Template:

  • Navigate to Bots > Templates > Shopping Assistant Chatbot Template and click on the Use button. You can now update the bot template to fit your requirements and publish the bot.

Note: Make sure your Shopify store is integrated with your Klevu account to ensure that your chatbots work seamlessly with this template.

  • Navigate to the bot that you have created using the template and click on Configure > API library > to configure your Shopify APIs and Klevu APIs in your API Library.
  • Once you've finished setting up your APIs, you can tweak the template to suit your requirements, such as using the content enhancer, previewing your bots, and deploying your bot on Instagram.

In conclusion, if you're an eCommerce business operating on Shopify, it's important to offer your customers the best shopping experience possible. Achieve this by optimizing your bots' search capabilities to improve your conversion rates with the help of the new chatbot template for eCommerce that utilizes Klevu's conversation commerce capability.