We've redesigned the Freshdesk Analytics homepage, blending elegance with functionality. Our new dedicated help center now offers a range of resources, including video tutorials, interactive self-guided tours, FAQs, and solution articles. You can also bookmark your favorite reports and refine your views with enhanced filters. 

The redesigned homepage offers enhanced usability and a clutter-free interface. You can access your Curated, Private, Shared, Owned, and Deleted reports from the left pane. 

  • Curated Reports: These reports give a holistic view of your overall business and provide instant insights into your team's performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Custom Reports: These are customized reports you can tailor to your business requirements. With custom reporting, choose the metric you want and decide how you want to view them.
  • Private reports: Access all private reports you created for your own reference in this tab. 
  • Shared reports: Access all the reports shared with you in this tab. 
  • Owned reports: You can easily access the reports that you have created by clicking on this tab.

We have also moved the Settings and Trash options to the bottom left of the screen (as highlighted in the above screenshot). 

Additionally, in the resource section, discover the following new modules:

  • Video Tutorials: Short videos to assist in understanding the how-to aspects of Analytics.
  • Interactive Tours: Step-by-step walkthroughs to get a guided experience of Analytics capabilities.

  • Data Dictionary: Repository of metric definitions used within Analytics, with examples to illustrate their usage.

  • Support Articles: Detailed articles to support and provide solutions for Analytics capabilities.
  • FAQs: Compilation of Analytics users' most frequently asked questions. 

Please reach out to support@freshworks.com for any further queries.