Integrating Userback with Freshchat enables agents to gather high-context user feedback, monitor, and address it through conversational engagement.


To begin using the Userback integration, you should have admin privileges in your Freshchat account and an existing Userback account. Users will be required to input their API token to complete the integration.

Using the Userback integration

Here's how to use the capabilities of the Userback - Freshcat integration.

Creating a new Userback post

1. Access the chat editor within Freshchat.

2. Locate the "Create Userback Post" button in the chat toolbar.

3. Click the button to open a new Userback post-creation window.

4. Effortlessly generate new posts based on user feedback received during the chat, streamlining the feedback collection process.

Browsing and voting on existing posts

1. Find the "Browse & Vote Posts" button in the chat toolbar.

2. Click this button to access a list of existing Userback posts.

3. Browse available posts and select those relevant to the ongoing chat.

4. Agents can click the "Vote" button to register their votes on selected posts, fostering agent engagement and incorporating diverse perspectives into feedback evaluation.

Benefits of the Integration

Integrating Userback with Freshchat offers numerous advantages:

1. Efficiency: Agents can seamlessly manage user feedback within the chat interface, eliminating the need to switch between platforms.

2. Insights: Agents can actively engage with existing posts through voting, enriching feedback evaluation with various viewpoints.

3. Trackability: Feedback is easily tracked, categorized, and organized, facilitating product improvements and strategic decision-making.

The Userback integration with Freshchat makes the feedback collection and analysis process efficient. You can enhance your understanding of user needs and improve the overall customer experience of your offerings.