ReturnLogic is a return management platform that helps B2C and D2C businesses streamline their return processes. Integrating ReturnLogic to Freshchat makes it easier for support agents to manage returns right from the Freshchat Team Inbox, without switching tabs. 


To begin using the ReturnLogic integration, ensure you have a Freshchat account with admin privileges and an existing ReturnLogic account. Users will be required to input their API token for the integration.

Using the ReturnLogic integration

1. Agents can view the latest returns of customers, including Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) with its status and created date. They can also search for specific RMAs if they do not identify the user. Agents can view the following details about the RMA:

- RMA no

- Order no

- Status (e.g., Authorized)

- Created at

- Updated at

- Address

2. Agents can view all the product items returned in the RMA. Each product item contains the following information:

- Product Name with image

- Return type (exchange, warranty, refund, gift card)

- Return reason

- Disposition comment

- Is the item Acquired? - Yes/No

- Is the item Approved - Yes/No

3. Agents can view the charges breakdown, including return, subtotal, refund amount, and whether it is processed. They can also view the exchange, subtotal, total, difference (subtotal & total), and whether it is processed.

4. Agents can view the tracking information of the return, including multiple shipping labels, carrier, and tracking no with a hyperlink of the shipping label URL.

5. Agents can view the exchange items for which the returned products are exchanged. This includes the product name with image, amount, and quantity.

ReturnLogic automates the returns process, reducing the workload for customer service teams on Freshchat.