Note: This feature is being rolled out in phases. We appreciate your patience as we make it available to all customers.

While building your next bot, you can import templates into existing bots, enhancing functionality and streamlining workflows. This is particularly useful if you find a useful bot template that fits into your existing bot flows: you can now easily incorporate the new template without creating a whole new bot from scratch.

  • Each template and bot will already be mapped to a specific channel. You can import templates into bots only when they have the same channel.
  • Bot templates can be imported into a bot with an already available draft version. You must create a draft version of the bot before importing the template.

From the template list page:

  • Navigate to the template list page and identify the template you want. Each template grid will have an icon to denote the channel you can deploy.
  • Click the Use button to create a new bot using the template.

From within your existing bot:

  • Navigate to the bot where you want to include the flows from the bot template.
  • Click on the plus icon next to the list of existing flows, and you will see two options in the dropdown:
    • New flow: This will create a new flow for you to build your bot flows manually. Or you can ask Freddy to build your bot flows or dialogs.

    • Import template: This will allow you to import the bot template into your existing bot.
      • Select import template: You will be redirected to the template list page, where you can select from the list of templates. This page will automatically filter out the templates which do not apply to your bot template.

  • Along with all the bot elements (such as flows, dialogs, conditions, API, etc.) custom properties and OTP settings will also be imported. However, existing custom properties and OTP settings will not be overridden.

Additionally, we've enabled specific bot templates with elements that can be used in any channel. This provides greater flexibility and versatility for bot admins. This means you can now create bots that can be used across multiple channels, making it easier for customers to interact with them and get the support they need.