With Customer 360, get an in-depth context of your customers within the CRM, surface important information as highlights, and customize and organize your data with ease.

The details page of a contact contains three sections:

  1. Action bar

  2. Overview

  3. Details

Action bar

You can perform important actions like sending an email, placing a call, or adding a task/meeting/related record from the Action bar.

Note: The actions that can be performed from the Action bar are subject to plan and role permissions. For example: If you don't have access to the Task module, you won't be able to add a task from the Action bar.

Action bar in Contacts

Action Button



Send quick emails to the contact


Place a call to work number or other phone numbers


Send an SMS to the contact


Add to-do’s or tasks for you and your team


Schedule a meeting with your contact

Add sales activity

Create a custom sales activity

Add deal

Add deals and related records

Use the ellipsis icon to perform the following additional actions under Contacts module:





Add to sequence

Remove from sequence

Remove display picture




Overview section

The overview section gives you basic information about the particular contact


1. Only Account administrator and Administrator roles can customize the Overview section for all users.

2. The Notes column is fixed and cannot be used as a column to add fields/highlight cards.

How to customize the overview section?

To customize the Overview section,

  1. Click on Customize overview button

  2. Choose the section that you want to customize


  1. Tags can be made visible or hidden.

  2. You can show/hide the lifecycle stage for a contact.

  3. You can choose the fields and highlights to be displayed in the Overview section

Fields configuration in the Overview Section

The fields present already as defaults can be customized.

Highlight cards configuration in the Overview section

You can choose to add any of the following highlight cards:

  • Marketing lists and all active and completed sales sequences the contact is part of. 

  • Recent Conversations

  • Account and Deal related cards

  • Sales Activities

Details section

The details section gives you a detailed view of the related modules, activities, and integrations that are associated with the record. The following sections can be added:

Note: Only Administrators and Account Administrators can enable/disable, reorder, and rename the sections under the Details section.

  1. Activities

From the Activities section, the following tabs will appear:

  1. Activity Timeline

The activity timeline is a tab that lists all the interactions the contact has had with your website, web app, and even with your sales and marketing persons. So when you would like to follow up on a contact, a quick glimpse at the contact’s activities timeline would help you understand the engagement level of the contact from the emails received, pages viewed, demo requested, webinars attended, meetings scheduled, etc. You can view tasks and take action on them.

You can also filter by activity type and time period

  1. Notes

Notes help get insights into your Contacts and is helpful during record transfers between users. You can view all the notes related to the record from the Notes tab.

Note: The most recent note will be displayed in the Overview section.

  1. Tasks

Tasks enable your teams to work in tandem with each other. Assigning tasks to multiple users ensures that the team can collaborate and complete the task even when the owner is unavailable. You can also add to-dos for yourself and keep track of your pending items. Add a new task and also filter and view tasks - All, Upcoming, Overdue, and Completed.

  1. Meetings

You can view all your meetings here and add new ones. You can also filter them by Upcoming, Overdue, and Completed. At the conclusion of a meeting, an outcome can be added in the Edit Meeting overlay as Interested, Left message, No response, Not interested, or Not able to reach. Click here to know more about how you can add meetings to the CRM. You can also add zoom video conferences to all your meetings and also join them from the CRM.

  1. Custom sales activities

You can view all the custom sales activities that have been configured. For example: Coffee Meetup. View and filter upcoming, overdue, and completed custom sales activities. You can also mark the activities as complete.

  1. Related Modules

You can add the following related modules in the Details section. 

  1. Related Contacts

  2. Related Accounts

  3. Related Deals

  4. Related custom module

  5. Contact/Account/Deal teams

On each page, you can view up to 25 records. Click through pages to view all your related records. You can also customize the columns per your choice.

  1. Recent Conversations

View the email conversations with the contact, with the most recent at the top. You can send emails, connect to your email provider, and also add call logs.

  1. Integrations

You can add any/all of the apps that you’ve configured for the detail pages. For example, if you have a Freshdesk integration, from the Tickets module, you can view all your Freshdesk tickets, and filter them by Contact/Account/Status. All columns are customizable. Below is an example from an Account page.

6. Files

Upload and associate files with the records in the CRM. Click here to know more about files

7. Reminders

View the list of reminders configured through sales sequences here.

8. Freddy AI Insights

With Freddy AI insights, you can view the following details about your contact/account:

  • Scoring factors - With Freddy’s contact scoring, you can identify the most sales-ready contact from the rest.

  • Possible duplicate records - The deduplication functionality, which is powered by Freddy, proactively looks for, detects, and displays duplicate records using a smart match algorithm.

  • Possible Connections - Freddy identifies contacts from the same organization in the CRM based on their email addresses.

  1. New integrations - You can add integrations of your choice from Marketplace.

How to customize the Details section?

To customize the sections in the Details section,

  1. Click the gear icon near the Details section

  2. In the Customize sections overlay, reorder, enable or disable sections