Nightfall DLP (Data Leak Protection) is a powerful platform designed to help companies maintain data compliance by detecting and preventing policy violations in the data they handle. This integration connects the capabilities of Nightfall DLP with Freshchat, ensuring that all conversations within Freshchat adhere to the compliance policies set forth in Nightfall.

This integration will empower organizations to analyze conversations for potential policy violations and proactively intercept sensitive data to prevent inadvertent breaches.


Before proceeding with the integration, users are required to have active accounts on both FreshChat and Nightfall DLP. Additionally, users need to obtain an API key from Nightfall DLP to establish the connection.

How to use the Nightfall DLP integration

Within the integration settings, users have the flexibility to toggle active interception on/off. Active interception is a critical feature that actively prevents agents from sending messages containing sensitive data. This setting ensures that compliance policies are consistently enforced.

1. Reporting: This feature facilitates the seamless transmission of all conversation messages, including user and agent messages, from Freshchat to Nightfall DLP for thorough analysis. It works in real-time or batch mode, depending on user preference.

2. Active Interception: Active Interception is a feature that proactively examines all agent messages within Freshchat. It applies user-selected Nightfall DLP rules to check for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or other sensitive data. If a violation is detected, the integration prevents the message from being sent.


- The integration ensures the secure storage of the API key and API secret.

- Communication between Freshchat and Nightfall DLP is encrypted to safeguard data in transit.

- Compliance with data privacy regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA is present.

This integration represents a significant step toward bolstering data security and ensuring compliance within FreshChat. By seamlessly combining the capabilities of Nightfall DLP with FreshChat, organizations can maintain data integrity and confidently engage with customers while adhering to stringent compliance policies.