The Savio integration with Freshchat empowers agents to efficiently streamline and monitor user feedback received through chat messages.


Users will need to enter their API token obtained from the Savio account for the integration.


1. Creation of New Posts from the Chat Placeholder

Agents will have the capability to create new posts directly from the chat placeholder in Freshchat. A new button labeled "Create Savio Post" can be found in the chat toolbar. Upon clicking this button, a new Savio post-creation window will open.

2. Auto-Fill Last User Message in the New Post Creation Window

The new post creation window will automatically populate the last user message into the post content. When an agent clicks on the "Create Savio Post" button, the system will fetch the last message from the current chat and fill it in the text area of the new post creation window. This automatic content transfer allows agents to utilize the exact customer words for feedback, ensuring authenticity and accuracy.


The integration offers the following benefits:

1. Efficiency: Agents can manage user feedback within the chat interface without switching between platforms.

2. Accuracy: The auto-fill feature ensures that feedback is captured verbatim, reducing the risk of misinterpretation or error.

3. Insights: By enabling agents to vote on existing posts, we encourage agent engagement, bringing more perspectives to feedback evaluation.

4. Trackability: Feedback is easily tracked and categorized, facilitating product improvements and strategic decision-making.

The integration of Savio into Freshchat will streamline the feedback collection and analysis process, enriching the understanding of user needs and improving the overall customer experience.